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High and Mighty

About High and Mighty

High and Mighty was formed during the beginning of Cataclysm. There were about 5-6 of us who had been in so many guilds that was so inconsistent with raid schedules that we finally decided to make our own guild. Thus, High and Mighty was born! We set up “server” raids every week by running BoT, BWD, To4W for those that didn’t have a raid team. When FL came about, we finally formed a raid team, made a name for ourselves by downing 4 bosses in one night. Hardships came, and the team fell apart. Then Dragonsoul hit and we were running the week it was out. We got into heroics and were 3rd on the server. Dragonsoul got boring for us all and most quit to play other games. Since then, we have been rebuilding and have finally started raiding in MoP. We took Draenor off, but we're going to be back for Legion! Who's ready to kick Legion's butt xD

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